Name: BAWROSKI, Sr. Walter J.
DOD: October 22, 1984
House: Baltimore County FD
Age: 38
Years of Service: 15 Years

October 22,1984 At 13:33 hrs: Baltimore County Fire Box 6-2 was alerted for a reported building fire at the Shillers Furniture Store in the 7400 block of Holabird Avenue. At 13:37: BCo's E-6 & E-61, out of the Dundalk Station, arrived at location with a 210' x 130' 2 story block building , heavy smoke and fire showing. At 13:41 hrs: Crews from Engine 6 & 61 started an aggressive interior attack and a 2nd alarm assignment was requested . As firefighters were stretching hose lines to the interior of the building, they saw that the building had a third floor that was not visible from the exterior. At 13:52 hrs: 3rd alarm assignment was requested and conditions deteriorated rapidly. While exiting the building ,a firefighter reported interior backdraft conditions and reported three firefighters were still inside the structure. Several unsuccessful attempts were made to knock down the heavy fire in the rear of the building so that crews could re-enter the structure and search for the three trapped firefighters. Moments later, it was erroneously reported that three firefighters had been found exiting the rear of the building. At 14:12 hrs: 4th alarm assignment was requested. At 14:32 hrs: 5th alarm assignment was requested At 14:55 hrs: special call requesting 4 additional engines At 14:55 hrs: A roll call of all fire department personnel on the fire ground was conducted and three Firefighters were unaccounted for. All further search & rescue efforts were majorly impeded due to the multiple structural collapses that had occurred. On the evening of Monday ~ October 22,1984 the bodies of Firefighter Walter J.Bawroski,Sr. and Firefighter Henry W.Rayner, Jr. were located and recovered. During the early morning hours of Tuesday ~ October 23, 1984 the body of Firefighter James A.Kimbel was located and recovered . . Firefighter Walter J.Bawroski, Sr. (Sta. 6~Dundalk) was 38 years old and had served 15 years.

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