Name: BAKER, Merle C.
DOD: August 29, 1986
House: Smithsburg Community VFC
Age: 65

Firefighter Merle C. Baker was driving Engine 7-1 responding to a reported barn fire on Keiffer Funk Road. Engine 7-1's crew realized that Firefighter Baker had done something out of character and had driven right past Keiffer Funk Road. Having notified him of his mistake, he turned the engine around, and headed back down the road. As Firefighter Baker was turning 7-1 onto Keiffer Funk Road, he slumped over between the seat and the driver's door. The officer quickly applied the airbrakes and safely stopped the engine. The crew pulled Firefighter Baker out of the engine ,immediately began CPR, and requested EMS. Realizing that the road was so narrow that additional responding equipment would not be able to get by Engine 7-1, the officer drove the engine and proceeded to the barn fire, while the crew remained with Firefighter Baker and performed CPR until EMS arrived and took over patient care. Sadly, Firefighter Baker died from a massive heart attack. Firefighter Merle C.Baker was 65 years old. Number of years served are unknown at this time.

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