Name: BALCER, John F
DOD: April 9, 1970
House: Anne Arundel County FD
Age: 22
Years of Service: 2

Anne Arundel Co. Fire Dept. ~ Anne Arundel County~ Maryland April 9,1970 Firefighter John F.Balcer was riding on Riviera Beach E-132 as it responded to a dwelling fire in Pasenda. As E-132 was making a righthand turn onto Hogneck Road it started sliding on loose gravel that was on the roadway causing the driver to lose all control of the apparatus.While still sliding ,the fire engine pitched up & rolled left, landing first on it's left side, before coming to rest on it's top. Firefighter Balcer,having been flung under the engine,was fatally injured. Firefighter John F.Balcer was 22 years old and had served 2 years

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