Name: BERTRAM, Charles
DOD: October 31, 1866
House: Baltimore City FD
Age: 28
Years of Service: Unknown

October 31,1866 On October 29, 1866 Box No.3 sounded at 5:50 p.m. The Marston Building located at 246 West Baltimore Street was afire. Three firefighters were advancing a hoseline up a ladder when a high wooden cornice fell from the burning building and buried all three under the rubble. When the men were extricated, it was found that Firefighter Thomas Rodeslie sustained severe injuries to his chest and head, Firefighter William Norris sustained a broken arm, and Firefighter Charles F.Bertram was found to have both legs broken and injuries to his spine. Firefighter Bertram died on October 31,1866 and was the first Line Of Duty Death recorded by the Baltimore City Fire Department since being officially established 1859. Firefighter Charles F.Bertram was 28 years old. Number of years served are unknown at this time.

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