Name: BOSWELL, Dennis M.
DOD: November 23, 1963
House: Tuxedo Cheverly VFD
Age: 18
Years of Service: 2 years

Tuxedo-Cheverly VFD ~ Prince George's County ~ Maryland November 23,1963 Units were on the scene racking up from an earlier blaze in an abdandon house at 64th Ave & Sherrif Road, Cedar Heights. Firefighter Dennis Michael "Mike" Boswell was at the rear of fire engine winding up a hose line. An automobile traveling on the wrong side of the road and at a high rate of speed ran into the back of the fire engine pinning Firefighter Boswell between the automobile and the fire engine. He was transported to Prince George's County General Hospital in critical condition. After several hours of emergency surgery, Firefighter Boswell died from his injuries. Firefighter Dennis Michael "Mike" Boswell was 18 years old and had served 2 years.

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