Name: BRANAN, Frederick
DOD: December 31, 1918
House: Baltimore City FD
Age: 73
Years of Service: 40

December 31,1918 Shortly after noon, District Engineer No.3 Frederick C. Branan bid the members of Engine Co. No. 28 best wishes for the Happy New Year . He then got into his Chief's car, a runabout being driven by Ladderman Robert Perry, waved to the members of No.28, and was driven away. Suddenly, while crossing the Guilford Avenue Bridge, the runabout went out of control,shot over the sidewalk, and plunged to the railroad tracks some 50 feet below. Having watched the accident in utter amazement,the members of No.28 rushed on foot to the scene .There they found Chief Branan unconscious with head injuries. His aide,Ladderman Perry, was conscious but "knocked senseless." Chief Branan was rushed to Mercy Hospital where he died several hours later. District Engineer No.3 Frederick C. Branan was 73 years old and had served 40 years, 21 of those years as District Engineer No.3.

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