Name: DILL, Carl S.
DOD: February 7, 1955
House: Baltimore County FD
Age: 32
Years of Service: 29 Years

February 7, 1955 First arriving units to the Westgate Shopping Center reported heavy fire in basements of a tavern and adjoining bakery. Conditions quickly deteriorated as the fire rapidly spread throughout all of the stores in the complex and seriously threatened several nearby exposures. Captain William J.Miller (E-4) and Firefighter Carl S.Dill (E-4) , along with two Woodlawn firefighters, stretched 2 handlines into the newly built rear addition of the complex. They worked their way through the tavern and down into the basement with both handlines.. As conditions deteriorated, the Woodlawn firefighters quickly retreated from the basement and made their way up on to the roof. They assumed that Captain Miller and Firefighter Dill were right behind them. The Woodlawn firefighters were on the roof flowing water when suddenly fire broke through. As the firefighters retreated to safety, the entire roof collapsed, and the fire raged on. After 2 more hours of battling the fire, it was discovered that Captain Miller and Firefighter Dill were missing. A search was started. Some 30 minutes later,a still charged handline was discovered and was followed down into the basement of the tavern,where the badly burned bodies of Captain Miller and Firefighter Dill were located, buried under debris from the roof collapse. Firefighter Carl S.Dill was 51 years old and had served 29 years.

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