Name: GRAVES, Jr. Thomas L.
DOD: April 16, 1980
House: Prince George's FD
Age: 31
Years of Service: 15

PGCo. Fire/EMS Department. ~ Prince George's County ~ Maryland April 16,1980 Prince George’s County Fire Department units were alerted to respond to a gas leak in a residential apartment complex in Glenn Dale. On arrival, crews began evacuating residents of the building,along with performing search & rescue and ventilation. Firefighter Thomas L. Graves, Jr. was the driver of the first-arriving ladder truck out of the Glenn Dale Station. Firefighter Graves was working in the front of the building clearing windows in an effort to assist crews who were operating inside the structure. Suddenly,a natural gas explosion occurred that collapsed two entire floors of the building along with collapsing a large portion of the brick facade that fell down on Firefighter Graves rendering him trapped beneath several tons of brick and rubble. Crews on the scene frantically dug through the brick,extricated Firefighter Graves, and rushed him to Doctor's Hospital. Sadly, he was pronounced dead some 45 minutes later. Tommy Graves joined the West Lanham VFD at age 16. After graduating high school in 1967, he served in the United States Air Force & upon returning to civilan life he continued volunteering at West Lanham. In 1973 he was hired by PG County as a career firefighter. Firefighter Thomas L.Graves, Jr. was 31 years old and served for 15 years.

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