Name: HENDERSON, Charles M.
DOD: February 24, 1990
House: Ironsides Rescue
Age: 51
Years of Service: 18 Years

Firefighter Charles M.Henderson responded with Ironsides Rescue Squad to a call for possible electrocution. A 7 year old boy and an 8 year old boy were playing in a tree when both received a shock from an electric line that ran from a nearby transformer into the house. The 7 year old was able to get down from the tree and run for help. Upon arrival, Firefighter Henderson found the 8 year old still in the tree near the electric lines. The weather was getting colder, the wind was picking up, was shivering from the cold. Firefighter Henderson grew more concerned for the boy’s safety so he climbed up the ladder with a blanket ,intending on throwing it over the boy to keep him warm until SMECO arrived to shut off the electric. Tragically, Firefighter Henderson was fatally electrocuted when his hand touched a live voltage line flowing 7,200 volts that was running parallel to the lesser voltage line. Firefighter Charles McClintic Henderson was 51 years old and had served 18 years.

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