Name: HERBERT, James W.
DOD: October 23, 1971
House: Clinton VFD
Age: 18
Years of Service: 1 Year

"It was raining on that terrible day in October when we lost two young firefighters as they responded to what was later determined to be a false alarm. As Engine 251 rounded the bend of Rosaryville Road, the rain-slicked pavement caused the pumper to lose traction and roll over. Eight members of the crew were injured and six recovered. Tragically, Firefighter Richard Whittington and Firefighter James Herbert did not survive their injuries. Their loss is still keenly felt everyday." Jimmy Herbert, an 18 year old Clinton resident, brought his youth to the Clinton Volunteer Fire Department. He extended his enthusiasm to the fire service and gave his life in the line of duty. He died doing what he loved, serving his fellow man as a fireman. . Firefighter James Webster Herbert was 18 years old and had served 1 year. … narrative paraphrased from Clinton VFD 's Fallen Heroes Tribute which can be found on their webpage…/members/FallenFireFighters.cfm

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