Name: HURLEY, Leon Emory
DOD: September 14, 1974
House: Hurlock VFC
Age: 54
Years of Service: 13 years 9 months

On January 6, 1961, Leon E. Hurley, age 41, was elected as an Active Member of the Hurlock Volunteer Fire Company. Leon was dedicated, loyal, and, indeed, an active member, having served as: Trustee 1962 Ambulance Lieutenant 1965, 1966 2nd Assistant Chief 1963, 1964, 1973, 1974 1st Assistant Chief 1965,1966,1967 Chief 1969,1970,1971 On Saturday September 14,1974, 2nd Assistant Chief Hurley was in Baltimore on an ambulance transport when he suffered a heart attack and died at a Baltimore hospital. Chief Leon Emory Hurley was 54 years old and had served 13 years & 9 months. ................ **Our thanks to Hurlock VFC's Brian Tolley for his research and for providing Chief Hurley's narrative information.

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