Name: MANDRAGOS, Dennis M.
DOD: July 10, 1973
House: Baden VFD
Age: 19
Years of Service: 3 Years

Baden VFD A-369 and E-366 were dispatched for a personal injury accident in the Aquasco area. A-369 responded with three EMS/Firefighters onboard. The crew of A-369 was EMS/Firefighter Mark Van Tassel EMS/Firefighter Dennis Mandragos EMS/Firefighter Richard Myers. A-369 arrived on the scene, provided care for a single patient,and had just begun to transport the patient to the hospital for a "check-up". E-366 was still responding to the initial accident scene ,when a head-on collision occurred involving A-369 and E-366. EMS/Firefighter Dennis Mandragos , who was providing patient care, was killed on impact. He was 19 years old and had served 3 years.

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