Name: PENNEWELL, Franklin L.
DOD: February 12, 1934
House: Berlin VFD
Age: 34
Years of Service: 31/2 Years

February 12,1934 On the evening of Saturday, February 10, 1934, the Berlin Fire Company was alerted to a house fire at Medford Wilkinson's farmhouse which was located in Taylorville. Berlin Chemical Fire Truck #2 was the first unit to respond with 14 men on board. As the truck was crossing an ice covered wooden bridge by the Turville Creek Mill, it started to skid. After skidding about 100', it struck a culvert and overturned. The sudden impact hurled 12 of the men over the side of the bridge through some trees and onto the ice covered creek. The truck also skidded down onto the ice barely missing the helpless fireman below. Seven of the twelve were badly injured and were pulled to safety buy their companions. The remaining five had suffered serious head and facial injuries,with Firefighter Franklin Pennewell & Firefighter Olan Dennis,having suffered the severest injuries of all. Firefighter Pennewell and Firefighter Dennis were taken directly from the scene by car back to Berlin and subsequently to Peninsula General Hospital in Salisbury. While at Peninsula General it was determinded that Firefighter Pennewell was suffering from a fractured skull. By late Sunday, pneumonia set in. On Monday morning February 12, 1934, Berlin Fire Company Vice-President / Firefighter Franklin L. Pennewell , died as a result of the fractured skull he had received. Firefighter Franklin L. Pennewell was 31 years old and had served 3 1/2 years.

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