Name: VALENTINE, James A.
DOD: September 2, 1907
House: Cumberland Fire Dept.
Age: 25
Years of Service: 7

Cumberland Fire Department ~ Allegany County ~ Maryland September 2, 1907 ** "At City Hall Square, there was a public showing of the uses of an aerial ladder. Fireman James A. Valentine had made two trips in a highly successful manner up and down the ladder to the delight and wonder of the large crowd of people who had gathered to witness the practice. Fireman Valentine was just ready to go for a third time when the ladder snapped like a pipe stem and Valentine fell with it at a distance of 58 feet, landing on his back in City Hall Square , about four feet from the hay scales. As soon as possible he was picked up, Steinís ambulance was summoned, and he was transported to Western Maryland Hospital where he died at 930 pm that same evening. Fireman Valentine was also a member of Pioneer Hose Company No.1. Fireman James A. Valentine was 25 years old and had served 7 years

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