Name: WEBB, Earl Westbrook
DOD: February 28, 1952
House: Neck District VFC
Age: 52
Years of Service: 6 months

Neck District VFC ~ Dorchester County ~ Maryland February 28,1952 On Friday August 31,1951 a group of Neck District residents met at the old Hudson schoolhouse for the purpose of forming a fire company and it was at this meeting that Earl W.Webb was nominated and elected as Chief of the Neck District Fire Company . The fire company officialy chartered on September 28,1951. They had no firehouse, they had no equipment, and they had no money;but, they had a dream. Chief Webb donated land on which to build the future firehouse; and,until a suitable firehouse could be erected,he offered his garage, free of charge, to house the first Neck District fire engine, once one was aquired. On Feburary 5,1952 , Chief Webb and his Assistant Chief were appointed by the company to investigate the matter of firefighting equipment which resulted in the aquisition of 6 buckets, 2 Co2 guns, I Pyrene gun, and a few other necessary articles. On February 28,1952 ,Chief Webb was assisting fellow members of the Neck District Fire Company with salvage and overhaul at the scene of a house fire near Cornersville.when he was stricken with a fatal heart attack. Chief Earl Westbrook Webb, Charter Member and the first Chief of Neck District Volunteer Fire Company, was 52 years old and had served 6 months.

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