Name: WILLEY, Fred L.
DOD: March 20, 1924
House: Easton VFD
Age: 41
Years of Service: Unknown

On March 19, 1924, Firefighter Fred Willey was driving Easton VFD's Packard fire engine & responding to a call in the town of St.Michaels. As he was navigating a narrow road, a car approaching in the opposite lane failed to yield the right of way and Firefighter Willey was forced to pull a hard right to avoid a collision. The wheels went off the roadway, causing the engine to spin around & slam into a tree. Several firemen were hurled to ground & Firefighter Willey was critically injured having been crushed by the engine. He died from his injuries on March 20,1924. Firefighter Fred L. Willey was 41 years old. Number of years served are unknown at this time

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