Name: WILSON, Sr. Reginald E.
DOD: March 14, 1969
House: Crisfield VFD
Age: 48
Years of Service: 23 Years

March 14,1969 Units were on the scene of a chimney fire in the Lawsonia section of Crisfield . Assistant Chief Reginald E. Wilson,Sr. was bending over in front of the chimney's open flue and, using a mirror, was about to get a visual on the condition of the chimney's interior. Suddenly, a large plume of dense smoke rolled out of the chimney,engulfed him, and caused him to develop shortness of breath and coughing. Initially, he was taken from the fire ground to his home to recuperate, but was soon transported to McCready Memorial Hospital due to his trouble breathing growing worse. At approximately 10 pm on March 14,1969 , AC Wilson died in McCready's Emergency Department .According to Dr.C.G.Rawley cause of death was smoke inhalation. Assistant Chief Reginald E. Wilson, Sr, a veteran of WWII, was 48 years old and had served in the fire department for 23 years

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