Name: WOLFE, Robert L.
DOD: January 8, 1959
House: Oakland VFD
Age: 70
Years of Service: 30 Years

Oakland VFD ~ Allegany County ~ Maryland January 8, 1959 In the spring of 1932, Oakland VFD's Engine No.1, with 12 men on board, was responding to a farmhouse fire east of Loch Lynn Heights. While rounding a curve ,the engine skidded and rolled. All of the men were badly shaken and 3 received severe cuts and bruises. Firefighter Robert Wolfe ,, age 42, was pinned beneath the engine and was critically injured having suffered a fractured right arm, a fractured right leg, severe head injuries, and numerous severe cuts. He was transported to Alleghany Hospital where he remained for many weeks. Firefighter Wolfe never fully recovered from his injuries and suffered from injury related complications for the rest of his life. He died on January 8, 1959. Firefighter Robert L.Wolfe was 70 years old and had served 30 years.

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