Name: WILBURN, Edward
DOD: December 9,2006
House: Deep Creek VFD
Age: 64
Years of Service: 23

President Edward D.Wilburn was responding in his personal vehicle to a report of a working structure fire. During the response, President Wilburn suffered a heart attack. He stopped his vehicle in the roadway. Arriving EMS responders found President Wilburn slumped over the wheel. Responders tapped on the window and the vehicle lurched forward, traveling approximately 100 yards on a grassy shoulder before reaching and cresting a steep embankment. The car came to rest upon reaching the other side of the embankment. Firefighters removed President Wilburn from the vehicle and began CPR. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. President ,and past Chief, Edward DeWitt Wilburn was 64 years old and had served 23+ years.

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