Name: FALKENHAN, Mark G.
DOD: January 19, 2011
House: Lutherville VFC
County: Baltimore County
Age: 43
Years of Service: 24

On Wednesday, January 19, 2011,at 18:18 hours, Baltimore County units were alerted for Fire Rescue Box 11-9, 30 Dowling Circle, in Hillendale. Units arrived to a 3 story garden-style apartment building ,working fire with multiple rescues ,that would quickly go to 4 alarms, and claim the life of Firefighter Paramedic Mark G. Falkenhan,(Co.30 ~ Lutherville) Firefighter Falkenhan was riding the seat on Squad 303 & upon arrival he and a second firefighter from Squad 303 deployed to the upper floors of the apartment building to conduct search and rescue operations. Other fire department units were already involved with both firefighting operations and effecting rescues of trapped civilians. FF Falkenhan and his partner became trapped in a third floor apartment due to rapidly spreading fire and smoke conditions. FF Falkenhan declared a “MAYDAY” and implemented “MAYDAY” procedures, The second firefighter was able to self-egress the building by diving head-first down a ladder on the front of the building. Tragically, FF Falkenhan was unable to escape nor be immediately rescued. When located, he was removed via a balcony on the third floor in the rear of the building. Resuscitative efforts began immediately upon removal from the balcony and he was transported to St.Josephs hospital where resuscitative efforts continued but were unsuccessful and FF Falkenhan was pronounced deceased. . In addition to being an active member of the Lutherville VFC, Firefighter/Paramedic Falkenhan was a Past Chief and Life Member of Middle River Volunteer Fire & Rescue and had been a BCoFD career Firefighter/Paramedic for 16 years before leaving for a position with the U.S.Secret Service. Firefighter /Paramedic Mark Gray Falkenhan was 43 years old and had served 24 years

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