Name: STALEY, Christopher A.
DOD: August 6, 2011
House: Cobb Island VF & EMS
Age: 22
Years of Service: 6

August 6, 2011 Firefighter Christopher A. Staley was attempting to rescue a friend who was drowning in the Wicomico River near the Wicomico Shores pier. Firefighter Staley swam out and was able to reach his friend, but the rough water and strong currents of the Wicomico River kept pulling both men under. Tragically, both Firefighter Staley and his friend drown. As a result of his heroic act, Firefighter Staley was posthumously awarded the Cobb Island Volunteer Fire Department's highest honor, The Gold Medal of Valor. Firefighter Christopher Allen Staley was 22 years old and had served 6 years.

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