Name: DOBBINS, Mitchell Duane
DOD: March 26, 2014
House: Western Enterprise Fire Co. 4
County: Washington
Age: 65
Years of Service: Nearly 50 years

On the morning of March 26, 2014, Mitchell D. "Mick" Dobbins, President of Western Enterprise Fire Co.4, was out performing administrative duties. He was returning to the firehouse, traveling on I-81, when "from out of no where" there came an intense snow squall ,that produced white-out conditions,treacherous roads, and caused a massive chain reaction of vehicular collisions that involved some 50 + cars,trucks,and several 18 wheelers. Dozens of people were seriously injured and 2 people, including President Dobbins,were killed. President Mitchell D. "Mick" Dobbins was 65 years old and had served as part of the Washington County Volunteer Fire & Rescue community for nearly 50 years.

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