Name: Shope, Charles B.
DOD: October 22,1902
House: Independant Hose Fire Co. No.1
County: Frederick
Age: 67
Years of Service: 26

October 22,1902 An alarm had been sounded at midnight Fireman Charles B.Shope responded to the fire pulling an Independent Hose Fire Co.No.1 man-drawn hose reel. Fireman John Francis Smith,from Junior Fire Co.No.2, saw that Fireman Shope was struggling and went to assist him. The following is paraphrased from Fireman Smith's eyewitness account: "An alarm was sounded at midnight and I over took a real belonging to one of the other companies being dragged slowly down the street by a man far past his youth. As I caught the tongue of the hose reel, I cried to him to hasten, but with a voice weak from illness and fatigue Fireman Shope answered "I can't, I'm played out". He then staggered,went down on the pavement,and in a few minutes was dead" Fireman Charles Buckey Shope was 67 years old and had served 26 years.

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