Name: Godwin, Steward W.
DOD: December 9, 1963
House: North East VFC
County: Cecil
Age: 56

December 9, 1963 On Sunday December 8, 1963, Flight 214, a Pan American Airways Boeing 707, was returning to the U.S. from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Onboard were 73 7 passengers and 8 crew members. After refueling at Friendship Airport Baltimore, the plane continued north, destination Philadelphia. A heavy of out-ofseason thunderstorm was sweeping across the region and high winds in the area caused Flight 214 , along with 5 other planes, to remain in a holding pattern just outside Elkton. Suddenly, having been struck by lightning, Flight 214 exploded and fell from the Elkton sky into a cornfield on Delancey Road. A general alarm went out requesting all available ambulances in Cecil County, and nearby Delaware and scores of local first responders rushed to the scene , including Firefighter Steward W. Godwin ,who arrived on the North East VFC ambulance. Godwin and his fellow first responders had been searching for survivors in the rain-soaked debris field for several hours when, at approximately 130 am on December 9, 1963, he was stricken with a fatal heart attack and collapsed into the arms of a fellow first responder. North East Volunteer Fire Company Firefighter Steward W. Godwin was 56 years old .

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