Firefighter John Adair was on the scene of a working building fire on East-West Highway. He was at pump panel of a Chevy Chase engine on a street that had been roped off to traffic,when a car plowed through the roped off area, striking FF Adair. Adair's b ...

BELL JR, William Allen

Captain Bell suffered a fatal heart attack while performing fund raising duties for his squad. He was a retired career Sergeant from Montgomery County as well as a life member and was serving as First Vice President.

BIGGS, Ronald B.

Firefighter Ronald B. Biggs, and fellow firefighters, were fighting a single-family home basement fire when an explosion occurred. The explosion injured 4 firefighters and fatally injured Firefighter Biggs. Firefighter Ronald B. Biggs was 30 years old and ...

BRIGGS, Wesley L.

On February 21,1952, Captain Wesley L. Briggs was driving a 1950's open cab fire engine responding to a brush fire in Washington Grove . At the intersection of Diamond Ave & Summit Ave, the engine and a private vehicle collided, causing the engine to ...

DUNN, Frederick M.

Firefighter Dunn was a live-in volunteer at Silver Spring VFD. While assisting in raising a 35 ft. ladder on a building fire, the ladder hit a high voltage electrical line and instantly electrocuted him.


On April 7, 2017 Firefighter Charles R. "Rick" Gentilcore was on duty at Burtonsville Station 15. At approximately 3:30p.m., colleagues found Rick unresponsive and immediately initiated emergency care. Rick was transported to Holy Cross Hospital where he ...

GIBSON JR, Ophery H.

Firefighter Ophery H. Gibson, Jr was guiding in a helicopter to land at the Naval Ordinance Lab. He ignited a "smoke bomb" in a bucket to determine wind direction for the incoming aircraft. When it didn't produce smoke, Firefighter Gibson went to check on ...


On Dec. 30, 1973, Firefighter Jerry Hamrick suffered a massive heart attack while on working fire and was never able to work again. He was retired on July 30, 1974. On Nov. 2, 1975 Firefighter Hamrick died of cardiac arrest, deemed to be related to his pr ...


June 26, 1977 While transporting a Priority 1 patient to Suburban Hospital's Trauma Unit, Medic 3 was struck broadside by a drunk driver that failed to yield the right-of-way to the emergency vehicle at the intersection of Old Georgetown Road and Democrac ...

PIER, Eldridge M.

Sergeant Elridge Pier suffered a fatal heart attack while fighting a brush fire on Chandlee Mill Road


Firefighter David A. Poplis died at the Montgomery County General Hospital from an embolism that resulted from a fracture sustained when he fell from a moving ambulance. Firefighter David Alexander Poplis was 21 years old. Years served are unknown at this ...


On the morning of December 5, 1959, Chief Edwin J.Sackett, headed for home after completing a 24 hour shift at the Chevy Chase Fire Department and was due to return to work that night. When he got home he told his wife that he wasn't feeling well and was ...

SHAW, David

Honoring & Remembering Maryland Fallen Heroes..Hillandale VFD ~ Montgomery County ~ MarylandOctober 30,1970Hillandale VFD Sergeant David W. Shaw, while on a working confined space rescue, climbed down the manhole ladder into the underground utilities ...

SMITH, Elwood H.

On July 21, 1956, the Washington area was hit with heavy rainfall, causing flash flood conditions. RVFD was kept very busy answering calls for assistance throughout the Rockville area. At approximately 3:30am, Rescue Squad 3 and Boat 3 were dispatched for ...

THOMAS III, Richard B.

Firefighter Thomas died of injuries received in a personal injury accident while responding to an accident scene.

WEITZEL, Charles C.

Firefighter Weitzel died of a heart attack while on an incident.

WILLIAMS, Stephen W.

Firefighter Williams died after being struck by a car while performing normal duties at the pump panel.