BUCKEL, Joseph W.

Bittinger VFD's Chief Joseph W. "Pete" Buckel , was responding from his residence to a 9-1-1 call. As he was proceeding to his vehicle to begin his response he collapsed having suffered a fatal heart attack. Chief Joseph W. "Pete" Buckel was 67 years old.

CALLIS, Edward E.

Firefighter Edward Callis died at the firehouse while working on a gas line to a new furnace. Firefighter Edward E. Callis was 48 years old and had served 14 years.


Firefighter/EMT David M. Turney got back from a fuel spill call and went on to the Garrett County Central Alarm where he worked as a dispatcher. David was working alone in the dispatch center when he suffered a massive heart attack. When fellow firefighte ...

WILSON, Andrew C.

February 11, 1960 On a snowy, cold,and windy Thursday in February of 1960, Chief Andrew C. Wilson was battling a working house fire in Elk Garden when he was fatally stricken with a heart attack. Chief Andrew Carl Wilson was 61 years old. Number of years ...

WOLFE, Robert L.

In the spring of 1932, Oakland VFD's Engine No. 1, with 12 men on board, was responding to a farmhouse fire east of Loch Lynn Heights. While rounding a curve, the engine skidded and rolled. All of the men were badly shaken and 3 received severe cuts and b ...